Integrating with Shortcut Project Management

QADeputy’s integration with Shortcut allows for testers to automate project management and collaboration tasks from within their QADeputy account. Users have the ability to retrieve the status of any bug submitted to Shortcut, as well as track the bug history over the lifetime of a test case. In addition, QADeputy users have the ability to map test cases to Shortcut Stories, Bugs, Tasks, etc. all from within QADeputy test runs.

To Integrate with Shortcut:

QADeputy makes integrating with Shortcut easy with just a few simple steps. Please note that you will need an API Token when integrating with Shortcut. To generate an API Token, navigate to Settings > Your Shortcut Account > API Tokens. Once you have your API Token, follow the steps below! 

1. Access QADeputy’s Integrations Page: 

Click on Integrations from either the Dashboard or the Left Navigation menu. 

2. Enable Shortcut: 

Click on the Enable button within the Shortcut Box. 

3. Enable Shortcut API Token: 

To generate an API Token, navigate to Settings > Your Shortcut Account > API Tokens. 

Integrate Shortcut

After you’ve enabled the Shortcut integration in QADeputy, you can create and view Shortcut Stories, as well as map your Shortcut Stories to your test cases. Click on these links to learn how to Create/View Shortcut Stories and Map Shortcut Stories.

About QADeputy

QADeputy is a full-featured, cloud-based, test case management solution that helps QA teams track, manage and organize their software testing process from a single, centralized platform. QADeputy has more features and integrations, is more flexible and affordable, and is much more reliable than its competitors. Plus, we have an in-house support team of testing experts ready to answer your questions and serve as your go-to liasion for best practices in test case management.

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