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Test Cases

Centralize all your test cases under one complete test case management system. Easily import via our CSV/Excel import utility.

Test Suites

Organize your test suites/plans so your entire team has the confidence that they are testing the latest and greatest features.

Test Runs

Streamline your test runs to allow your engineers the ability to focus on what matters most – testing software!


Easily configure integrations for top automation, communication and bug tracking tools like Jira, Reflect.run, Postman, Runscope, Ghost Inspector, Slack and more!


Define your requirements, report on requirements coverage and keep your team in-sync while testing.


Customize fields, statuses, reusable snippets, configurations, tags, and more to save time while testing.


Our real time dashboard gives you the high-level metrics required to manage day-to-day test operations.


Dig into historical data with user, suite and execution history to easily track your workload.

Rest API

QADeputy’s API makes it a breeze to integrate any software testing tool. Whether it’s pushing data in or pulling data out, we’ve got you covered.

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