Why We Built QADeputy.

We built QADeputy because we saw a gap in the functionality of existing test management tools. While there are several test management products on the market, a vast majority of them don't integrate well (or at all) with the software testing tools that QA teams use today. Most integrate with bug tracking and bug reporting tools, but that's typically where the integrations stop.

We had a need to integrate with not only bug tracking tools, but also with communication, requirements and automation testing tools. Our goal was to build a single, cloud based test management tool that plugs into all the QA automation tools that our team uses daily to help save us time, money, and to optimize our workflows.

We were losing too much time jumping from system to system, and we were making too many mistakes when manually entering data from one tool to the next. QADeputy has streamlined our test management process and has drastically improved testing for our QA Department.

We think QADeputy can help other QA teams as well. Sign up and take it for a test drive or schedule a demo with us TODAY!

Test Smarter With QADeputy.